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Mark Rimland is an outstanding artist with national and international recognition. He has exhibited in numerous art shows, appeared on many TV shows, and has illustrated a children’s book, The Secret Night World of Cats. The  book was written by his sister Helen Landalf and won a Parenting Award when it was released in 1998. Mark’s one-man shows include Amerson Gallery, Bread & Cie, Sophie’s Gallery, Sophie’s Kensington Gallery, Edgeware Gallery, Quest Diagnostics, Front Porch Gallery. His art was used for the invitation to the annual ArtFirst show at the media center of Princeton University. It’s All Make Believe, a song that is also the title of Gregory Page’s CD was inspired by Mark. Page a local singer-songwriter reproduced Mark’s art on Daydreaming at Night. Most recently Mark’s artwork was featured in a show at the NISHIRI Gallery in Kyoto, Japan. Despite the many credits, awards, and honors Mark is unaffected by fame. He remains a man who is polite, friendly, and always ready and willing to befriend those around him.

Rimland working on mosaic window.

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